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Changing Seasons...

School has started and now those hot days are starting to cool!  This summer has been exceptionally hot and it's taken its toll on gardens.  October lets us enjoy the blooms of mums and some changing colors on the trees.  As temps drop, some camellias will begin their bloom cycles.  It's great having such displays of color from Thanksgiving through the  Christmas holidays. 

While mums are usually the plant of choice for bedding plants, don't overlook the selections that garden centers now offer.  And thinking ahead, a nice complement  as a backdrop are some of the ornamental grasses.  They often change hues with the chill of fall.  Check out garden centers to see what other bedding plants, like pansies, that can perk up the bed, yet remain hearty when temps drop.  Another addition to the garden, with fall bonuses are Japanese maples.  Although most of these trees seem to need a fairly shaded area to be happy, these graceful accents tend to be small in size and pack a large wallop in fall color as the seasons change. 

The tropics fire up this time of year and heavy rains can take their toll on bedding plants and small shrubs.  Be patient because often plants that appear broken or damaged will rejuvenate given a little time.  The Extension Services  can be of assistance in helping you decide what steps might need taken after a storm has damaged trees and shrubs.  They offer a lot of good information for gardening in the area, caring for your plants and lawns during the different seasons, helpful information for when to plant your landscape.  They are in their new Extension Services Center on Airport Road and  have an outstanding Master Gardener program offered.
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